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Yellow Belly Regal Angelfish

Yellow Belly Regal Angelfish

The Yellow Belly Regal Angelfish has a wide variety of colours on its body. But it can be distinguished from standard Regal Angelfish by its yellow belly. The rest of the body is covered with white and orange stripes which are edged in black and blue. Its tail fin and pectoral fins are yellow. While the dorsal and anal fins have orange and blue stripes. The rear of its dorsal fin is black and covered with blue spots.

Aquarium breeding hasn't been possible with this species. In the wild the courting period includes a mating dance around sunset. The female floats up from the seabed when she is ready to spawn and extends her fins towards the male. The male nuzzles her stomach, and they spiral upwards. Once the female spawns, the male fertilizes the eggs.

The yellow belly variation of this species is only found in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. They inhabit coral lagoons, and reefs containing rich areas of coral. As they are reclusive creatures, areas with plenty of rocky hiding places are popular.

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