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Reef Factory Smart Tester

Reef Factory Smart Tester

Reef Factory Smart Tester

Introducing the revolutionary Smart Tester – an advanced device for testing key water parameters in marine aquariums. This fully automated and accurate tester provides instant and accurate results of the selected parameter, which are easily accessible through the Smart Reef app. With the ability to schedule measurements and easily replace reagent cartridges, the Smart tester makes monitoring tank parameters a breeze. The device is designed so that calibration is rarely performed and cleaning is automatic, offering unparalleled convenience. From now on you can not only automate the testing of the selected parameter PO4, NO3, Mg, Ca, but also, using actions that integrate the Smart tester with dosing pumps, automate the maintenance of the selected parameter at a certain level.

Most important features:

Managed remotely with the Smart Reef app

Up to 160 tests on one set of reagents*

Fully automated analysis

Quiet and accurate operation of the original dosing pumps manufactured in-house

Rapid replacement of the tested parameter based on easy-to-install reagent cartridges

Uses only 50 ml of water per single measurement

Built-in automatic calibration of the device

Compact size 210x140x95 and modern design

Easy installation in the sump using DIN rail

peristaltic pumps

Smart tester operates on the basis of completely new, in-house manufactured peristaltic pumps, developed by the Reef Factory team. Their construction is designed to meet a number of requirements for marine aquarium equipment. They are characterized by high dosing accuracy and trouble-free operation for as long as possible, and they are also very quiet.

Full automation

The Smart Tester performs the measurement completely autonomously, from taking a water sample to emptying the measuring cell and making it fully functional again for the next test. One-time calibration of the device after installation does not require tedious repetitions, as it has an automatic dosing pump calibration system. This guarantees the longest possible periods of trouble-free operation and extremely accurate dosing.

Modern device installation

To meet the needs of aquarists, we have improved the method of placing equipment in the aquarium. Reef Factory's latest equipment features an innovative DIN rail-based mounting system. This is an extremely convenient and adaptable solution that makes keeping the closet in order easier.

*The number of tests per set varies depending on the selected parameter.

Special reagent packs for smart testers

To measure the selected parameter, you need to purchase a set of special reagent cartridges for the Smart tester:

Mg – measurement of magnesium

Number of tests from one set: ~50 (the number depends on the concentration of Mg ions)

Measuring range: 800-1800ppm

Measurement resolution: 10 ppm

Test duration: ~40-60 min

PO4 – measurement of phosphates

Number of tests from one set: 160

Measuring range: 0.00-3.00 ppm

Measurement resolution: 0.01 ppm

Test duration: ~40 min

The range of Smart Tester Reagents pack cartridges will be successively expanded with more test kits for relevant aquarium parameters.

To take full advantage of a range of Reef Factory smart device features, you will need the free Smart Reef app, which you can install on your phone (Android, iOS) or control from your browser.

Smart functionalities in the Smart Reef app:

information about current reagent levels

clear measurement history allows you to compare changes in the tank

ability to automate processes using a

measurement schedule and special promotions

accurate meter of consumed water

option to run the test outside the schedule

notifications about upcoming replacement of the measurement set and detected deviations

clear wizard that facilitates the maintenance process of the measuring vessel

refill water with automatic actions


Dimensions and weight of the device:

Width 21cm / 8.3in

Height 14cm / 5.5in

Depth 9.5cm / 3.7in

Technical specifications:

Power supply: 12V 1A

Power Consumption: 0.5-5W

WiFi communication: 2.4 GHz

Bluetooth communication: BLE 5.0

Water connection: 2x luer lock

Maximum length of water hose 2m

Operating temperature: 20-30 °C

Ambient humidity: 0 to 95% RH

Package contents:

Smart tester measuring device

Measuring cuvette together with magnetic pill

A set of drippers together with an assembly tool

Power adapter AC 110-230V

DIN type mounting rail

Water hoses 2x2m with adapters

Water filter together with mounting system,

RO 50ml tank for rinsing the drip system

* Additional mounting accessories and spare parts.

Reef Factory offers Smart Tester Reagents pack special parameters and spare parts for self-replacement.

Smart Reef+

Reef Factory offers a variety of Smart products designed for easy and convenient marine aquarium management. Build your own system based on smart devices and control them from one app!

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    Our Return Policy

    The Small Print

    If a product arrives damaged, or is incorrect to what was ordered, the customer can contact us for a replacement provided the following conditions:

    Proof of Purchase
    Product has its original packaging 
    Product is unused
    We are contacted within 24 hours of product delivered/picked up
    Shipping costs are non-refundable.

    DOAS, or Dead on Arrival

    Here at Aquaculture Laboratories we provide our customers with the best quality livestock possible by using a ttm method and monitoring our live stock arrivals before selling.

    We monitor our fish throughout the quarantine facility and check them individually before selling to ensure our customers are happy with their purchase.

    For shipping customers, we will replace any fish or coral that are dead on arrival, provided there are photos and we are contacted within 6 hours of the livestock arriving. Photos must be of the coral or fish before bag is opened, and also after bag is opened. Photos must be sent via email to:

    For local customers: should any fish die or become sick, we request to be contacted within 24 hours of purchase and are provided with.

     A water sample to check parameters
    A photo of the dead fish
    Photo and details for your tank including size and tankmates
    Acclimatisation method used
    Shipping costs are non-refundable.

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