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Lionfish Volitan Black

Lionfish Volitan Black

The Black Volitan lionfish or Turkeyfish has a multitude of black and or reddish rust colored stripes that wrap the body; the same pattern is visible on the long fan-like pectoral fins and tall poisonous dorsal fins. The transparent tail fin flows with reddish spots. The Volitan Lionfish may change color patterns during its maturity.


The Black Volitan Lionfish grow very fast and have a continuous appetite. One or more can be added to an aggressive tank. Have plenty of open swimming room with cliffs or ledges for resting. Smaller fish and invertebrates are not safe and will be eaten.


Lionfish will eat most anything that will fit into their gapping mouth. It is best to purchase smaller lionfish and train them to eat vitamin enriched foods. Respect and stay clear of the venomous spines when feeding, cleaning or inspecting your aquarium.

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    DOAS, or Dead on Arrival

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    For local customers: should any fish die or become sick, we request to be contacted within 24 hours of purchase and are provided with.

     A water sample to check parameters
    A photo of the dead fish
    Photo and details for your tank including size and tankmates
    Acclimatisation method used
    Shipping costs are non-refundable.

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