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The KH Guardian is without a doubt one of the most innovative, exciting and ultimate game changing reef aquarium product of this centuryfrom the brilliant minds of Dr. Bridge. The KHG is an all-in-one device that automatically monitors and manages carbonate hardness values of a reef tank throughout the day. Such an instrument is often considered "the holy grail" and can dramatically simplify and improve the way we manage KH parameters of our aquatic investment.

What is Alkalinity(KH)?

Alkalinity is a means of quantifying thestability of pH in aquarium water.It is a measure of the concentration of variousnegatively charged ionic compounds (anions) suchas carbonates, bicarbonates, borate and hydroxidesin the aquarium water. Although a simple and affordable test, user error and time is taken out of the equation so that one can rest assured that their reef aquarium is safe and stable.

Why is Alkalinity Essential?

Alkalinity maintenance is a critical aspect of coral reef aquarium husbandry.If left unchecked, alkalinity can drop below a criticallevel and pH begins to fluctuate more wildly than the suggested daily pH shift of +/-0.2 for marine aquaria, causing stress to livestock.In a marine aquarium, the desired alkalinity is usually between7° and 10° dKH (German carbonate hardness).

KH Guardian makes it possible to monitor the buffering capacity and automatically manage KH levels of your aquarium water in a simple all in one device

About our Reagent Solution:

Our reagent is a special concentrated formulation to ensure the accuracy of the testing and safety of the reagent that goes back into your aquarium. We carefully selected famous pharmaceutical grade chemical producers as stable supply. Each batch is safe with international certificate.

Each pack of concentrated KH reagent shall be diluted with 1500 grams (please note that it is not ml) of pure water. Keep the error in +/-1 grams of pure water. Each concentrated reagent pack can be used for about 2 months if the KHGuardian were set to performs a test every four hours with a consumption of 4 grams of solution.

We do not add preservatives to the concentrated KH reagent pack in order to protect the safety of living creatures in your fish tank as the supreme principle.

If your eyes or outer skin comes in contact with the reagent, please do not panic. Just immediately rinse the contaminated body parts with plenty of fresh water. Contact with your body parts is not irritating. But in best cases, please make sure the reagent is kept away from children to avoid possible unknown injuries. Please do not inhale, drink, or swallow reagent. Please always exercise caution when handling chemical reagents and wear protective covering when possible.


    GST Included |

    Our Return Policy

    The Small Print

    If a product arrives damaged, or is incorrect to what was ordered, the customer can contact us for a replacement provided the following conditions:

    Proof of Purchase
    Product has its original packaging 
    Product is unused
    We are contacted within 24 hours of product delivered/picked up
    Shipping costs are non-refundable.

    DOAS, or Dead on Arrival

    Here at Aquaculture Laboratories we provide our customers with the best quality livestock possible by using a ttm method and monitoring our live stock arrivals before selling.

    We monitor our fish throughout the quarantine facility and check them individually before selling to ensure our customers are happy with their purchase.

    For shipping customers, we will replace any fish or coral that are dead on arrival, provided there are photos and we are contacted within 6 hours of the livestock arriving. Photos must be of the coral or fish before bag is opened, and also after bag is opened. Photos must be sent via email to:

    For local customers: should any fish die or become sick, we request to be contacted within 24 hours of purchase and are provided with.

     A water sample to check parameters
    A photo of the dead fish
    Photo and details for your tank including size and tankmates
    Acclimatisation method used
    Shipping costs are non-refundable.

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