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Assorted Peacock

Assorted Peacock

The peacock cichlid is one of the most popular freshwater fishes among aquarists all over the world. While their mellow nature (for a cichlid) and low-maintenance care plan are certainly a draw, there’s one reason for this that rises above the rest:

Their beauty.

These fish are absolutely stunning to look at and have colors you rarely find in the freshwater side of fishkeeping. We’ve found ourselves in disbelief a number of times when looking at these fish in person!

But if you want this kind of beauty in your tank at home, you need to understand their specific needs. That’s why we put together this guide on peacock cichlid care.

It will teach you everything you need to know about keeping these fish happy and healthy, so you can sit back and enjoy their wonderful colors.

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    Our Return Policy

    The Small Print

    If a product arrives damaged, or is incorrect to what was ordered, the customer can contact us for a replacement provided the following conditions:

    Proof of Purchase
    Product has its original packaging 
    Product is unused
    We are contacted within 24 hours of product delivered/picked up
    Shipping costs are non-refundable.

    DOAS, or Dead on Arrival

    Here at Aquaculture Laboratories we provide our customers with the best quality livestock possible by using a ttm method and monitoring our live stock arrivals before selling.

    We monitor our fish throughout the quarantine facility and check them individually before selling to ensure our customers are happy with their purchase.

    For shipping customers, we will replace any fish or coral that are dead on arrival, provided there are photos and we are contacted within 6 hours of the livestock arriving. Photos must be of the coral or fish before bag is opened, and also after bag is opened. Photos must be sent via email to:

    For local customers: should any fish die or become sick, we request to be contacted within 24 hours of purchase and are provided with.

     A water sample to check parameters
    A photo of the dead fish
    Photo and details for your tank including size and tankmates
    Acclimatisation method used
    Shipping costs are non-refundable.

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